New Treatment of Facial Paralysis by

Microsurgery with NTL (Viterbo Technique)

Facial paralysis is a disfiguring disorder with significant psychological impact, emotional and family, leading to these suicidal patients, because these patients are marginalized in their families, work and their social environment ...






New and only definitive treatment for facial wrinkles

One of the major concerns of the aging human being, the first signs are the appearance and accentuation of facial wrinkles on the forehead and orbital region-type crow's feet.

Previously the only treatment for these conditions momentary used was Botox (botulinum toxin), which applications had to be done every 4-6 months with high costs.

Today we have a new surgical technique for the definitive treatment of facial wrinkles-upper middle third of the facie.


Figure A: The presence of wrinkles on the forehead and orbital region type crow's feet. B looks like a rejuvenated face after microsurgery.


Microsurgery what is this?
Myectomy of the lateral orbicularis oculi muscle + neurotomy of the branches of the facial nerve temporal is a new technique developed in Brazil by Dr. Fausto Viterbo in 1993, featuring wonderful results and definitive facial rejuvenation. We are pioneers in these techniques in Ecuador (Brasiluet, August 2010).

Anyone can benefit from this surgery?
This type of cosmetic surgery is indicated for all patients, especially in patients with hyperactivity of the frontal muscles and / or orbicularis oculi, leading to the accentuation of wrinkles in the frontal region and type-orbital crow's feet . There is no age limit, and may be associated with facelift surgery.

The recovery time required?
1 week and then can be integrated to work safely.

This microsurgical technique is evidence?
Numerous international scientific journals documenting the effectiveness of these techniques since its creation by Dr. Viterbo in Brazil (Botucatu) in 1993 and subsequently spread in USA - France.

Surgery works in all patients?
Absolutely all, if applied properly microsurgical technique.

There are risks in this treatment?
It's just like all surgical procedures, but only you can make the plastic surgeon experienced in microsurgery and with extensive training in this technique.










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